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by Corey Brown on 04/01/14

Some of The Wedding DJ & SC Party DJ's latest reviews from the past couple of weeks have included the word "awesome". Such great couples and a pleasure to work with. We have added also purchased some laser lighting from Guitar Center and a new DJ facade from ZZounds. More to come soon. We are getting set and red for a Sweet 16 this weekend.

Awesome times

by Corey Brown on 03/25/14

The Wedding DJ & SC Party DJ had an awesome time this past weekend at the Global Trade Center (GTC) located in Greenville, SC. We danced the night away and everyone had a great time. This week we are meeting with new clients and preparing for this weekends wedding. If we are lucky enough to run into you please stop by the DJ booth and say hello. Will write more later as one of my goals is to blog more and kind of make a diary of what goes on during the week for a DJ. Since I don't have a secretary though I have to go and answer more emails and return phone calls and most people think we just show up and play and it's over. Countless hours are spent way before the show. More to come. God Bless.

Third Party Referral's

by Corey Brown on 03/14/14

I am writing today about third party websites and their impact on pricing for a reception or party disc jockey. There are ton's of great sites such as Thumbtack, Eventective and MiNeeds that will allow you to get several bids from mant different vendors. The catch to these sites is that vendor's are not all professional's and it is up to you to discern who is capable of fulfilling your needs. I am a member of all three of the mentioned sites as a vendor and here is what happens when you use their service to find a DJ. The vendor gets an email stating that a client is looking for a DJ within his service area and if they are available on the date requested they must pay the company's to see the customers information. The fees for eventictive are $2.50 and the fees for thumbtack are roughly $9.00. These fees are per customer. These prices are then added to your estimate when you receive a quote from your entertainer. It is my opinion that going directly to the vendors websites to reearch and find the vendor for your event is much more effective. You will able to better see who and what you are getting and often times save money by dealing directly with the vendor and not the third party. Thanks for reading.

Tipping for wedding vendors

by Corey Brown on 03/13/14

Hello all! I was reading today on Martha Stuart Weddings about tipping at wedings ( According to the article tipping is reportedly expected from some vendors. At The Wedding DJ & SC Party DJ ( we never expect a tip from our customers nor is it ever a part of the billing process. We feel that Gratuity for service is just that and should only be given when the client feels that a tip is warranted. Thanks For reading.

Wedding season is just around the corner:

by Corey Brown on 02/16/14

As the time for weddings draws close I have gone through all the wiring unloaded and reloaded everything in an attempt to make sure we are ready to go go go. We still have a few available dates this year and are looking to fill them within the next few weeks. This is our first year as a premium Wedding Wire ( Vendor and we are enjoying the service as are our brides. All of our billing and questionnaires are now handled through this site and we are near paperless! Our clients now have access to their wedding wire planning tools from their own mini-website. We look forward to seeing some of you and invite all to visit us on facebook at The Wedding DJ on FaceBook