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We had a wonderful wedding thanks to Corey Brown! He has a wonderful questionnaire that helps to make your day as perfect as it can be. Also he is a lot of fun. If you book him for a wedding, he has a lot of fun games you can utilize during the reception that everyone will get in to.

The Wedding DJ Blog

Our Fellow Vendors

by Corey Brown on 02/28/15

In today's blog we have asked our friends and colleagues in the wedding industry to add there name, business name, website and a note about what they do in the comments section below. We look forward to the responses. 

Lighting and photo booth service

by Corey Brown on 02/14/15

The Wedding DJ & SC Party DJ provides full service DJ and Emcee service for any event within about 100 miles of Greenville, SC but we also provide lighting if needed. We have GOBO, Uplighting, Party/dance floor lighting and lazer lighting. Call The Wedding DJ & SC Party DJ @ 864.367.9546 or email us at We also can provide photo booth service through our friends at Greenville Shutterbooth. Whether you are planning a wedding reception, party or a prom look no further than The Wedding DJ & SC Party DJ for all your needs!

Wedding Festival 2015

by Corey Brown on 02/07/15

The Wedding DJ & SC Party DJ participated in the 2015 Wedding Festival at the TD Convention Center today. We had a great time playing music and talking with all the new brides. Near our booth was Publix and we got to sample several different cake flavors (yummy!). Brides sometimes overlook big box stores when it comes to wedding cakes but those brides haven't tasted Publix buttercream icing! Next to our booth was Dimitra Designs and we got a chance to do a few dance steps with them between customers. So much fun. We also got to see some of our competition and talk shop. It was great to see Blake with Jumping Jukebox, George with Carolina Party Professional's, Jeff with The Party Machine, and many others. We are looking forward to this season and are excited to be a small part of so many brides big day.

Links to "How to do the different slides (cha-cha, wobble, electric, & cupid)

by Corey Brown on 01/29/15

Slide to the left - slide to the right! Hope everyone is having a great day. I was speaking with a customer today and she stated that she didn't know how to do all the different slides that are often done at many weddings and parties. I put this list of links together for her and I thought I would share in case you found yourself in need of the same help. I also put links to the actual songs in case you wanted to practice. Enjoy - The Wedding DJ & SC Party DJ Corey Brown

How to slide Video‚Äôs:

The Wobble:

Actual song for practice: (We use the radio edit)

Electric Slide:

Actual song for practice:

Cupid shuffle:

Actual song for practice:

The Cha Cha Slide:

Actual song for practice:

The Biker Shuffle:

Actual song for practice:

Money for nothing and a wedding for free

by Corey Brown on 01/28/15

Just a thought for our readers. Do you really need another toaster? Why should you have a wedding gift registry of gifts you will only use once in a while. I received an email from Wedding Wire today with a cool idea. Why not use a gift registry such as "Deposit a gift" to get cash to pay for wedding expenses instead. To me it is such a great idea! God bless and talk more soon. The Wedding DJ - Corey Brown


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